Berlin, Kreuzberg

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You never know what will happen when you stop to read a street sign.

Berlin, Kreuzberg

Milla's an experienced European traveller, and she often stops to take photos. Trying to get a story out of laconic Swedes is like pulling teeth, though. Here's what she sent us as a description of the treasure trove below:

A series of images mainly from around Kreuzberg, Berlin:
  • Sculpture with owl, and sculpture of old books, wine cork figurine doing yoga on a street sign: Gräfenstrasse
  • Weird and wonderful clock for sale, window of Urbanstrasse
  • Murals/street art, youth center back yard of Urbanstrasse
  • Cobbled streets with leaves, Schönleinstrasse
  • Cobbled street with beer bottle tops, Admiralstrasse bridge (no cars on the bridge, so people just hang out, sit around talking, having a drink, etc.)

Do with it what you wish.

Okay, we will! So what is Kreuzberg? According to online sources, this part of the city was home to Berlin's punk movement, as well as other subcultures. It has a lot of immigrants, too. No wonder the area gives off such an intriguing vibe. Enjoy these images – see if you can match them to their descriptions.

And if you go to Kreuzberg – or anyplace else interesting – remember: we want pics!

Berlin KreuzbergBerlin Kreuzberg
Berlin KreuzbergBerlin Kreuzberg
Berlin KreuzbergBerlin Kreuzberg
Berlin KreuzbergBerlin Kreuzberg
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