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Posted: 6th March 2017

Truth, Lies, and Imagination

An elegant baby girl and her kitteh. We begin this week's issue with those two mainstays of the internet, a baby and a kitteh. That's just to lull you into a false sense of familiarity. For this month, we launch into the March madness of fake news. How to fight it, the temptation to join it, how to keep it from clogging our thinking ducts and interfering with our freedom of imagination. For imagine we do, friends: but we know a hawk from a handsaw, no matter which way the wind is blowing. Join in the fun, and send in your fake news-related items this month.

In addition to producing the Create artwork – always deeply appreciated – our FWR starts our month off with an essay on his least-favourite form of fake news: blaming all manner of road-related idiocy on 'bikers'. That's a big ten-four: many fine people are bikers. Read and comment.

I hope none of our biker friends runs into the Caption Challenge Cop. We have a special challenge for you this week: instead of captions, we want a plot synopsis for Officer 666, which was a hit play about a hundred years ago. Also a silent movie. But no fair looking it up! We want original, updated ideas here.

What have you been doing lately? (And do you have pics?) Some of us were up to all sorts:

  • Awix went to another movie. It's intellectual, or not, depending on how you think about hamburgers.
  • Florida Sailor spent some time reminiscing about his cowboy days working on a dude ranch. No animals were harmed in the writing of this brief memoir, which he shares.
  • Your Editor read a book about dead people. It was an amazing book, so you get the review of Lincoln in the Bardo.
  • Willem got back from Pretoria and painted the cutest shrew you ever saw.
  • Some journalists wrote astonishing headlines, some of them even real. Take the quiz.

We've got the usual snark. Some of it's fake news, of course. We've got to help you get in the mood for this month's challenge. Go out and observe beingkind this week, in all its complexity. Take some mobile snaps. Write funny captions. Send them to us with fake news stories attached. Get into the spirit of things. You cannot damage our already tenuous grasp of reality any more than the world's governments and the internet already have.

Have a great week! (And don't take any wooden nickels, as the old folks used to say.)

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Round-eared elephant shrew by Willem.
  • Officer 666. Srsly.



  • Ancient lapis lazuli jewellery, Shopping Channel style.
  • A horrible scandal involving a calash boonet.

  • Create March  Challenge 2017.
  • An angel pointing in a cemetery.

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