Summer Garden

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A report from Austria, where the sun is shining. At least part of the time.

Summer Garden


Well, summer is here and has been for a few weeks already. It is a very rainy summer with thunderstorms and enough water from above to turn our driveway into a little river. Still, we also had some hot and sunny days and everything seems to grow like mad. Unfortunately it also is a very good year for ticks – but let's not talk about that or about how much fun it is to get them off the dog...

After the toads went through our garden in spring to get to the river, we had many lightning bugs at the end of June. It was a very pretty sight every evening. We also get many butterflies and bees and up on the trees there lives a family of squirrels. They shout at us if we dare to go out in the darkness and even throw nutshells at us. The dog is very excited about them.


Our cherry tree had lots of fruits, they turned out to be sour cherries, but unfortunately they were very tiny and consisted mostly of stone, so we didn't really do anything with them. The raspberry bush which I brought from my balcony on the other hand had some very nice fruits. I still have to find a good place to plant it. Right at the moment the blueberries are ripening.

The roses in the front yard already were in full bloom and some are still having flowers. There must be about 10 rose bushes there, all of them red and pink. I think I will have to plant some different colors. One rose which I planted in spring surprisingly survived, which I found out when I removed some of the weeds. It was quite hard to find in that jungle.

I didn't manage to plant any vegetables this year unfortunately. I still have to make a bed for next year, I just didn't have the time and don't know when I will. My next project will be to get rid of all the weeds in the front yard and try to make it look half way like a garden. I know it will take lots of work so I probably won't get it all done any time soon.

Red roses.Pink roses.
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