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Posted: 29th August 2016

All the News That Fits

Storm clouds over the Walmart First, the weather: it's finally been raining over the Post Office's US branch. For which the Editor is grateful. Those poor plants were looking so forlorn, even with watering. Of course, the Editor gets daily Yorkshire weather reports from the Prof, wanted or not. Are you British? Do you find it impossible to avoid talking about the weather? Do you hate talking about the weather, and crave asylum in some sane country? Try Germany, they never discuss it there. Willem reports that spring is coming in South Africa, and he's transplanting. Which brings us to the Farm Reports. We have quite a bit of that in today's issue. Help SashaQ by captioning the amazing pea photo. Then join us in speculating just what mischief those hens are up to. We suspect they're demanding Chicken Suffrage.

Do you find these bucolic interests beneath you? You claim to be a citizen of the urban elite of the 21st Century? Ha! Amy would tell you to get a henhouse for the balcony. Nonetheless, the h2g2 Post is here to meet your needs. We have high-tech and space-type Stuff, just for you. Let Galaxy Babe update you on the latest in astronomy news, while Nigel lets you know just what the primary school kids are doing with their satellite projects. Yes, little kids have beaten you in the space race. Check it out. While you're reading, test your knowledge of today's digital movers and shakers with the Post Quiz.

We have literature for your perusal and discussion. Awix explains why he's frustrated with the Oxford cinema scene, and offers a welcome review for those who, like him, are suffering from Jason Statham withdrawal. We've got opportunities for you to read, comment, write, and send us more Stuff. (Please send us more Stuff. Otherwise, you get too many kitty photos…)

And now, back to your regularly scheduled nonsense. Have a grand week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

(What do you mean, you don't see the connection?)
  • Natal Robin-Chat  by Willem.
  • Some poets for hire near the Globe Theatre.



  • A pea picked by SashaQ.
  • An outrage meeting of hens.

  • Create August Challenge.

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