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Collectibles: Answers

It's funny what people will do with their free time and disposable income, innit? What's in your curio cabinet?

  1. If you bought Dark Shadows bubble gum back in 1968, what collectibles did you get? Vampire pictures. Really bad stills from the gothic soap opera. Oh, and some bubble gum.
  2. If you were a British kid in the 1960s, what did you say while wearing your collectible Dalek costume? Exterminate!, of course.
  3. What do you call someone who collects old banknotes? A notaphile.
  4. What do you call the hobby of coin collecting? Numismatics.
  5. What is a stamp collector called by the cognoscenti? A philatelist.
  6. What sewing item gets collected a lot? Thimbles. (Ask them why. You'll be there for a long time.)
  7. Some people collect an item that scares other people. What is koutaliaphobia when it's at home? Fear of spoons. (Yes, it's a thing. See Twitter.)
  8. If you are looking for a T206 Honus Wagner, what do you collect? Baseball cards.
  9. Snooty people collect snuff boxes. What do the more egalitarian collect? Snuff cans and lids. Cheaper and more colourful.
  10. If you lust after a Charizard, what are you collecting? Pokemon cards.

Why do people do these things? We don't know. But if you collect something interesting, let us know about it. We'd be glad to do a feature.

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