The Post Quiz: Technical Terminology

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This week, a vocabulary test.

The Post Quiz: Technical Terminology

Every time we invent something, we get new vocabulary. Test yours by filling in the blanks.

  1. If you're annoyed by n00bs, you're probably a _____.
  2. If you're fascinated by grandpa's analogue watch, yours is probably _______.
  3. If you're concerned about BTUs, you might be buying an ___ ____________.
  4. If the dish is on the roof, you're either a sloppy cook, or you have _________ ________
  5. If you reluctantly promise to send the bill by snail mail, you'd really prefer to use ________.
  6. If you're inclined to nuke your popcorn, you own a ___________ _____.
  7. If you're cursing and contradicting the smug electronic voice in your car, you get your misdirections from __________.
  8. When there's a lightning storm, you worry if your computer will be safe – but after all, it's plugged into the _____ _________.
  9. Isn't old technology quaint? When Mum or Dad finished watching a movie, they had to _______ the video.
  10. The man in the old movie is trudging through the rain. He's had a breakdown and needs to find a ________ ______. You laugh, because you never go anywhere without your mobile. Not even to the shower.

You knew all that, right? Clever you. Just to be sure, click on the picture below for the answers and some more snark.

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