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Posted: 29th June 2015

Moon Gazing and Other Pursuits

Full moon. Do you love to gaze/howl at the full moon? You'll get two chances in July: there's a blue moon this coming month. Galaxy Babe's got the skinny on all the sidereal doings, including Earth's investigation of Pluto. We think she still hasn't forgiven the scientists for downgrading Pluto to a dwarf planet. Pluto has an eccentric orbit, which makes it definitely the sort of heavenly object the Post likes. Read up on the stars in this issue, and mark the important events on your calendar.

Speaking of important events…this week, we mark the end of Create's month-long investigation into science fiction vs RL, and move on to July's topic: The road not taken. Beginning on 1 July, you'll be invited to share your own or others' contingency moments: those times when it could have gone either way. Were you almost a rock star? What if Pluto had made a different career choice? You get the idea.

This week, our contributors bring you lots to wonder at and chuckle over. Awix tells us about the latest Sherlock Holmes adventure, while Willem looks around outside. Since Willem lives in a rich wildlife area, we're always sure of a treat, and this time, we have a fascinating small creature and a very tall and stately plant.

Cactuscafe takes a unique look at what was buzzing around her place, and the 42 Words crowd has ideas buzzing in their heads. We've also got some vintage scifi for you, and some equally vintage RL horror that reminds us of the ways in which science doesn't improve our lives. Alas.

We hope you enjoy our tales and visions. We also hope you'll be inspired by the new challenge. Drop by and say hello to our contributors when you have a moment. And enjoy your week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Hero shrew by Willem.
  • Carpenter bee visiting White Lady.



  • Aldwych tube station as a bomb shelter.
  • Insecty insect by Cactuscafe.


  • Create
  • See this space for challenges.

  • Digital cameras.

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