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Posted:11th May 2015

Planting the Seeds

A dandelion gone to seed. No, the dandelions haven't gone to seed yet. But like other May buds, they 'begin to ope their golden eyes'. Your Editor got all exercised about this last weekend, having been raised in a Suburb. In a Suburb, dandelions are The Enemy. After assiduous digging, however, Your Editor surrendered to the inevitable: the gorgeous things were everywhere, and not to be eradicated. Your Editor then retired to drink lemonade and write a poem.

The next day, a notice appeared on the Facebook page of the local farmers' market:

'Don't pull that dandelion! It's one of the first foods for our precious bees.'

That's me told. Henceforth I shall merely enjoy the golden bounty. After all, the Catholic parish office has a field of the things. You live and learn about life in a farming community.

What have you learned this spring? How are you celebrating the wonder that is May? Tell us about it. Create wants your stories, photos, jokes, artwork…you know the drill.

Some people have learned nothing. Case in point, as Rod Serling would say, 2legs. (The idea of a meeting between 2legs and Rod Serling tickles the fancy.) He (2legs, that is) and Cool Old Guy (aka Traveller in Time) have been busy dredging up a venerable h2g2 legend. In case you weren't around back then, Nighthoover was the erstwhile h2g2er who stayed oh-so-briefly, but left a major mark on h2g2 lore. Ask someone with a low usernumber. And enjoy the story: we recommend a headache powder or your favourite tonic afterwards. Oh, and don't tell me 'the' isn't spelled like that. Tell 2legs.

What else have we this week? A giant jumping rat. (It's prettier than it sounds.) A film from Awix. Some humour. (Yes, it's humour.) More animal tales. Information. Ideas to explore. You get the picture.

Join in the exuberant madness that is May. Read, comment, and above all, write. Send us your Stuff!

And have a great week among the flowers.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Giant Jumping Rat by Willem.
  • NASA works on warp drive.



  • Seasick doughboys.
  • A flapper with her galoshes.


  • May Create.
  • A pyramid in a cemetery.

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