The Post Quiz: Local Claims to Fame

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Every place in the world is famous for something.

The Post Quiz: Local Claims to Fame

An old map depicting an island and a large X marking a spot.

Match these places to what they're famous for.

PlaceClaim to Fame
  1. Sovetsk, Russia
  2. Pittsfield, Maine
  3. Pontefract
  4. Polokwane
  5. Manchester
  6. Lanzarote
  7. Belfast
  8. Pittsburgh
  9. Tel Aviv
  10. Frankfurt
  • Museums and green sauce
  • Tilsit cheese (and a name change)
  • Sand and halva ice cream
  • World's largest nonstick frying pan
  • Steel and halupke
  • Cakes and a castle
  • Music and Bap
  • Rock paintings and wildlife
  • Canals, beer and rain
  • Tapas and beaches

Think you know your geography? Click the picture below to find out.

Vegetables on a chopping board; a pestle and mortar.
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