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Local Legends: Answers

A mermaid swims past visions of werewolves and dragons.

Where would you find these local celebrities? Here's where.

  1. The Jersey Devil: New Jersey Pine Barrens.
  2. Nessie: Loch Ness, Scotland.
  3. The Bell Witch: Adams, Tennessee.
  4. The Amityville Horror: Long Island, New York.
  5. The Headless Horseman: Tarrytown, New York.
  6. The Lorelei: St Goarshausen, Germany, on the Rhine.
  7. Nude ghosts: All over Iceland. Even in church. And no, we don't know why they don't freeze.
  8. Parktown Prawn: Johannesburg, South Africa. And yes, we know it's real, 'cos Willem drew it. So? Willem drew these, too. So there.
  9. Death Worm" Mongolia.
  10. Bigfoot: Pacific Northwest.

Everybody's got one: a local supernatural celebrity. If you find one in your area, we want to hear about it. We particularly want photos.

Artist's impression of Elrond the Half-Elven.
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