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Posted: 23rd March 2015

Honouring Imagination

Terry Pratchett's Discworld. The world will miss Terry Pratchett.

He was a gem of a writer, and a fine human being. Geeks everywhere are paying tribute to him by embedding the clacks code on the internet. In this issue, we h2g2ers pay tribute with our own comments and a partial webography from our own archives, especially the Edited Guide. Want to add to it? Put links at the bottom. Don't see your favourite book, film, or piece of Pratchett lore? Think about sending your Guide Entry to Peer Review. As the man said himself in Going Postal, 'A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.' Sir Terry will be spoken of for years to come.

Other matters in this issue:

A beautiful bird.

An intriguing photo.

Pithy stories.

Praise for NASA, a travelling probe, and the Cereal Goddess and her namesake.

Cinema, old and new.

Some advice on how not to write.

As usual, read, chuckle, leave comments, get inspired. You know our gmail address (or click below).

Have a good week – and don't fall off the turtle!
Late-Breaking Postscript:

Speaking of not falling off the turtle, this kitty isn't about to:
Eclipse silhouette by Freewayriding

Thanks to Freewayriding, our photographer on the spot in the Discworld or any other. See below for more amazing eclipse photos – with more to come next week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Spotted Dikkop by Willem.
  • Statue of Ceres.



  • Urban Sunflash.
  • How NASA got started.

  • Tribute
  • Sir Terry Pratchett,
    Storyteller Extraordinaire.

  • Tribute
  • A tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett.

  • mid eclipse by Phil
  • Sir Terry Pratchett.

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