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This is the Master Index for Gnomon's Guide.

The entries here are all written by me. Some of them are illustrated by me too.

  • I set up Gnomon's Guide on 26-Jan-2015, so most entries have that as the date of publication.
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Recent Additions
A87862008The Crow Road - a Novel by Iain Banks.04-Jul-2023
A4290437The Great Pyramid and Irrational Numbers.16-Feb-2024
Alphabets and Writing
A533062Writing Systems.26-Jan-2015
A533279Ogham - an ancient Celtic alphabet.26-Jan-2015
A570412The Greek Alphabet.26-Jan-2015
A1299477The Development of Our Alphabet.26-Jan-2015
A3229436The Tetragrammaton.26-Jan-2015
A3533131The Decipherment of Linear B.26-Jan-2015
A14170970The Story of Yogh.26-Jan-2015
A845949Irish Neolithic Tombs.26-Jan-2015
A2167922The Nebra Sky Disc.26-Jan-2015
A4299212The Phaistos Disc.26-Jan-2015
A87871053Northwest European Stone Circle GlossaryX19-May-2016
A507872Leonardo's Bridge.26-Jan-2015
A519374The Pantheon, Rome, Italy.26-Jan-2015
A775929The Arklow Pyramid.26-Jan-2015
A7970547Greek Temples.26-Jan-2015
A87846772Irish Round Towers.26-Jan-2015
A87868110The Atomium, Brussels, Belgium.10-Jun-2016
Astronomy and Space
A623026Green and Violet Stars.26-Jan-2015
A634547An Amazing A-Z of Space.26-Jan-2015
A638994Why the Far Side of the Moon Looks Different.26-Jan-2015
A651917Polaris - the North Star.26-Jan-2015
A671979The Lives of Stars.26-Jan-2015
A1307747The Space Elevator.26-Jan-2015
A2821600Sirius - the Dog-Star.26-Jan-2015
A3166571Constellations: Tucana 'the Toucan'.26-Jan-2015
A16882338Constellations: Mensa 'the Table Mountain'.26-Jan-2015
A24398968Constellations: Overview.26-Jan-2015
A34612742Delta Cephei and the Size of the Universe.26-Jan-2015
A38815266Constellations: Dorado 'the Dorado fish'.26-Jan-2015
A38828217Constellations: Lacerta 'the Lizard'.26-Jan-2015
A39294813Constellations: Telescopium 'the Telescope'.26-Jan-2015
A40163230Constellations: Octans 'the Octant'.26-Jan-2015
A878060Living on Jupiter.03-Feb-2015
A87847320Choosing a Telescope Eyepiece.03-Feb-2015
A87848257Vega - the Summer Sapphire Star.11-Feb-2015
A87853747How to Move Around in Space.11-Sep-2015
A87847951Almagest - Ptolemy's Guide to the Heavens.21-Dec-2015
A4289475The Great Telescope of Birr, Ireland.09-Jun-2023
Books and Authors
A523621Diana Wynne Jones - Author.26-Jan-2015
A656723The Origin of Terry Pratchett's Discworld.26-Jan-2015
A811937The Mars / Barsoom Books of Edgar Rice Burroughs.26-Jan-2015
A954669'Waiting for Godot' - the play.26-Jan-2015
A2454194The Earthsea Stories of Ursula K Le Guin.26-Jan-2015
A43307426Larry Niven's Ringworld - a Vast Construction in Space.26-Jan-2015
A760367The Aelric Books of Richard Blake.03-Feb-2015
A87870748The 'Culture' Fiction of Iain M Banks.09-Jun-2016
A706277The Non-Culture Science Fiction Novels of Iain M Banks.04-Jul-2016
A87876832'No Man's Land' - a play by Harold Pinter.26-Aug-2016
A633746Jadis, the White Witch.30-Aug-2019
A1317980The Strange Worlds of Larry Niven.30-Aug-2019
Books: Tolkien
A2524565Tolkien's Silmarillion - an Overview.26-Jan-2015
A2621765Elrond the Half-Elven.26-Jan-2015
A767784Tolkien's Dwarves.03-Feb-2015
A87846600Galadriel - The Elf-Lady of Lorien.04-Feb-2015
A574166Sauron, the Dark Lord of Middle-earth.25-Feb-2015
A87856159The Nazgul, Tolkien's Black Riders.30-Jul-2015
A87862576Tolkien's Elves.13-Nov-2015
A87870865How to Pronounce Tolkien's Elvish LanguagesX13-Jun-2016
A87873736Tolkien's Maps.30-Jun-2016
A87870702Lord of the Rings: Downs, Barrows and Wights.26-Sep-2016
A619463Trees in JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth.13-Feb-2020
Clocks and Time
A645022Calculating the date of Easter.26-Jan-2015
A653672The Wells Cathedral Clock.26-Jan-2015
A1031806The Prague Astronomical Clock.26-Jan-2015
A602858The Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt.26-Jan-2015
A769386The Pyramid of Hawara.26-Jan-2015
A1913366Cairo, Egypt.26-Jan-2015
A22176911Belzoni - Tomb Raider and Archaeologist.26-Jan-2015
Food and Drink
A808030A Fruit for All Seasons.26-Jan-2015
A919965Champagne and Sparkling Wine.26-Jan-2015
A993189Tuna and Broccoli Bake.26-Jan-2015
A8648481Irish Soda Bread.26-Jan-2015
A36663023Basic Beef Goulash.26-Jan-2015
A80841765Potato and Mushroom Gratin.26-Jan-2015
A735527Moroccan Vegetable Tajine.27-Jan-2015
Games and Puzzles
A1940401Riven - the computer game.26-Jan-2015
A2187155Rubik's Cube.26-Jan-2015
A3889092Portal 2 - the Computer Game.26-Jan-2015
A87876463Pokemon Go - a Smartphone Game.01-Sep-2016
A4292985Introduction to Minecraft, the Video Game.23-Jun-2023
A449165Delphi, Greece.26-Jan-2015
A487028The Lion of Chaironeia.26-Jan-2015
A713242Santorini - Remains of a Volcanic Cataclysm.26-Jan-2015
A757163The Minoan Civilisation of Crete.26-Jan-2015
A758937Iraklion, Crete, Greece.26-Jan-2015
A895386The Top 14 Sights of Athens.26-Jan-2015
A1073594Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece.26-Jan-2015
A3803447A Brief History of Greece.26-Jan-2015
A3817442Eating Out in Greece.26-Jan-2015
A3864530Santorini - a Tourist Guide.26-Jan-2015
A3868095The Peloponnese, Greece.26-Jan-2015
A21213712Chalkida, Evia, Greece.26-Jan-2015
A87848941The Ancient Olympic Games.26-Jan-2015
A581258Syros - A Greek Island.03-Feb-2015
A30018601Byzantium: Romanos Diogenes and the Loss of Anatolia.26-Jan-2015
A70953636First Crusade 1 - Setting Out.26-Jan-2015
A70953645First Crusade 2 - Into Muslim Territory.26-Jan-2015
A70953654First Crusade 3 - Antioch.26-Jan-2015
A70953672First Crusade 4 - Straying from the Path.26-Jan-2015
A70953681First Crusade 5 - Jerusalem.26-Jan-2015
A510832County Wexford, Ireland.26-Jan-2015
A536474Dublin, Ireland.26-Jan-2015
A1133597Wexford Wildfowl Reserve.26-Jan-2015
A2487422Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland.26-Jan-2015
A87859345Ireland and What to Call It.04-Sep-2015
A87875121Tintern Abbey, Co Wexford.02-Aug-2016
Ireland Archaeology
A640838The Neolithic Passage Tombs of Br� na B�inne.26-Jan-2015
A807464Pre-Celtic Ireland.26-Jan-2015
A986501Irish High Crosses.26-Jan-2015
A1124281The Irish National Heritage Park.26-Jan-2015
A2640917The Archaeology and History Museum, Dublin, Ireland.26-Jan-2015
A87870243Loughcrew - an Ancient Irish Megalithic Cemetery.20-May-2016
A87875635Stone Circles of Ireland.15-Feb-2019
Ireland Walks
A767793Dublin Statue Trail.26-Jan-2015
A813854Bray Head Cliff WalkX15-Feb-2015
A87860154Massy's Wood Walk, Dublin Mountains, Ireland.21-Jul-2015
A87852018A Walk in the Cloghoge Valley, County Wicklow, Ireland.22-Jul-2015
A87857257The Bohernabreena Reservoirs, County Dublin, Ireland.27-Aug-2015
A87853053A Canal Walk - the Corbally Naas Branch of Ireland's Grand Canal.25-Oct-2015
A87869542Howth Cliff Walk and the Bog of Frogs.30-Apr-2016
A87874771The Spinc Walk, Glendalough, Co Wicklow.03-Jul-2016
A599655How to pronounce Italian.26-Jan-2015
A687413Old English (Anglo-Saxon).26-Jan-2015
A2141812A Guide to Icelandic pronunciation.26-Jan-2015
A12309608Pronouncing Ancient Greek for English Speakers.26-Jan-2015
A87860253How to Pronounce Turkish.05-Feb-2015
A87864853The Pinyin System - How to Pronounce Mandarin Chinese.15-Feb-2016
A660287Mersenne Numbers.26-Jan-2015
A896105Diophantine Equations.26-Jan-2015
A972371Fermat Numbers.26-Jan-2015
A2097632Perfect Numbers.26-Jan-2015
A2125315Googol - an unimaginably large number.26-Jan-2015
A2442377Number Systems Through the Ages.26-Jan-2015
A2496873The Five Card Trick.26-Jan-2015
A2939259John Horton Conway - Mathematician.26-Jan-2015
A2970164Mathematical Knots.26-Jan-2015
A2985663Curved Space and the Fate of the Universe.26-Jan-2015
A8878837The Hairy Ball Theorem.26-Jan-2015
A9654267Slide Rules.26-Jan-2015
A13456082Euclid's Elements.26-Jan-2015
A20450666The Helix.26-Jan-2015
A28224957Leonhard Euler - Mathematician.26-Jan-2015
A87757564William Rowan Hamilton, Mathematician.26-Jan-2015
A882498The Monkey and the Coconuts - a Mathematical Problem.06-Feb-2015
A87868589 The Ham Sandwich and Pancake Theorems.01-Mar-2016
A1093600Napier's Bones - a 17th-Century Calculation Aid.09-Nov-2021
Music General
A430840Death, Suicide and Close Shaves in the World of Classical Music.26-Jan-2015
A634556Introduction to Orchestral Music.26-Jan-2015
A4343230Writing a 12-Bar Blues.26-Jan-2015
A19049358The BACH Theme.26-Jan-2015
Musical Instruments
A430264Unusual Musical Instruments.26-Jan-2015
A430822How to Play the Tin Whistle.26-Jan-2015
A431155The Trumpet.26-Jan-2015
A444368The Recorder.26-Jan-2015
A444809How to Play the Recorder.26-Jan-2015
A490439Woodwind Instruments - An Overview.26-Jan-2015
A517466Double Basses.26-Jan-2015
A582806French Horns.26-Jan-2015
A587621Orchestral Percussion - The Kitchen Sink Department.26-Jan-2015
A598700Pipe Organs.26-Jan-2015
A659748The Musical Instrument Museum, Brussels, Belgium.26-Jan-2015
A769737How to Play the Saxophone.26-Jan-2015
A4195352Positioning the Bridge on a Mandolin.26-Jan-2015
Musical Works, Composers and Performers
A448391The Music of Mahler.26-Jan-2015
A467011Richard Wagner.26-Jan-2015
A523090'Bolero' by Maurice Ravel.26-Jan-2015
A529625Richard Strauss.26-Jan-2015
A568451Carl Nielsen - Composer.26-Jan-2015
A572438'The Planets' by Gustav Holst.26-Jan-2015
A600562The Enigma in Elgar's Variations.26-Jan-2015
A672798Peter Tchaikovsky.26-Jan-2015
A699069Carmina Burana - Drink, Sex and Mediaeval Monks.26-Jan-2015
A765821Made In Heaven - Queen's Last Album.26-Jan-2015
A1022969'An Alpine Symphony' by Richard Strauss.26-Jan-2015
A2766170The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd's Iconic Album.26-Jan-2015
A4104622Mozart's Clarinet Concerto.26-Jan-2015
A87853233The Mass in B Minor, by JS Bach.27-Jul-2015
A87869759'Westminster Mass', a Musical Work by Roxanna Panufnik.19-Apr-2016
A87869902Mozart's RequiemX28-Apr-2016
A782471The Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland.26-Jan-2015
A1315766The French Pyrenees.26-Jan-2015
A34198752The Cable Cars of San Francisco.26-Jan-2015
A87809737Prats de Mollo, Eastern Pyrenees, France.26-Jan-2015
A87864655Chongqing, China.11-Jan-2016
A87866905The Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, China.09-Feb-2016
A2801639Verona, Italy.15-Jun-2017
A446230Top 14 Sights in Istanbul.26-Jan-2015
A1019738Istanbul, Turkey.26-Jan-2015
A87856456Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.21-Jul-2015
A87859723Mimar Sinan, the Architect of the Ottoman Empire.21-Jul-2015
A87860127The Chora Church, Istanbul, Turkey.21-Jul-2015
A87860352The Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey.21-Jul-2015
A993413The Kadikoy Crocodile, Istanbul, Turkey.17-Feb-2019
Wildlife and Nature
A583814Talking with Cats.26-Jan-2015
A601688Gerald Durrell - Animal Collector, Conservationist and Author.26-Jan-2015
A942572The Nautilus - a Creature of the Deep.26-Jan-2015
A1101295Common Wrens.26-Jan-2015
A2182088The War of the Crows.26-Jan-2015
A668531The Christmas Star.26-Jan-2015
A676776Old Irish Money.26-Jan-2015
A707717How Power Stations Work.26-Jan-2015
A850114A Pyramid on Mars.26-Jan-2015
A986457Aztl�n, Mythical Homeland of the Aztecs.26-Jan-2015
A1015309They Discovered America.26-Jan-2015
A1112392Deus Ex Machina.26-Jan-2015
A2026072Chicken and Egg - a rational answer.26-Jan-2015
A2681868Forth - the Programming Language.26-Jan-2015
A3507815The Holy Grail.26-Jan-2015
A3673307Mysteries of the Telephone Explained.26-Jan-2015
A3742869Orange - the Colour.26-Jan-2015
A3922120Islands and How They are Made.26-Jan-2015
A29555148Chariot Racing.26-Jan-2015
A34923963The Ark of the Covenant.26-Jan-2015
A87850759Hong Kong MahjongX22-Jul-2015

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