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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

According to Smaug, the hardest part was acting with that 'hack' Benedict Cumberbatch. He gave an interview on Stephen Colbert's show, and managed not to eat the host.


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Smaug's stunt double was very good.

The thing about Cumberbatch is that he's game for taking on these 'difficult' parts - Mexicans, Indians, dragons, people with moustaches. (Part of me still wishes they'd cast Mr Statham.)

I suspect Smaug himself may have been difficult to work with, if you know what I mean.

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Yeah. I think you'd want to have a fire extinguisher handy...

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Phoenician Trader

What! The video is blocked! I am shocked! Shocked! To see that Google hosts other company's content for their own profit without seeking permission or paying for it!

smiley - lighthouse

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl That one was on last week. Try this one:


Since it's listed as 'Colbert', maybe it will stay on.

US viewers, of course, can look up the Colbert Report:


Unfortunately, I fear that one will be blocked in the UK.

I don't know who can get this, but here's Colbert's final song:


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