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Posted: 9th February 2015

Boldly (But Coldly) Going

Salute to Beagle 2.They found Beagle 2. We're glad they located the brave little craft, whose career was so tragically cut short. Many are the mysteries of Mars, but at least one of them has now been solved.

In other animal-related news, the Groundhog has let us down. Six more weeks of winter in the northern hemisphere. This is certainly true in Punxsutawney Phil's backyard, where it snowed six more inches on 2 February. The beer-drinking crowd may not have noticed, and the schoolkids were happy because the next day was a 'snow day'. But us grumpy old grownups are getting sick and tired of all this winter. Grumble, grumble.

Fear not, friends. The h2g2 Post is here to help.

We've got the amazing Gerenuks, from down in the warm part of the planet. Willem will tell you about this rare and interesting beastie. Speaking of rare, Cactuscafe has found some knitted cakes. Yes, knitted cakes. Our reporters are first-rate sleuths, you know. Other wonders here include another fractured fairytale, an intriguing computer game, and a find-a-grave quiz.

This month, you're supposed to be sharing your ancestor stories. We've got some items to pique you interest on that score, and you can pop in at Peer Review to see what ancestor-related Entries show up there. Get cracking on your writing – February's a short month!

Drop in on our contributors and say hello. Wave a frozen hand. Then put it back in your mitten, you silly lot, and stay warm, dry, and happy till we see you next week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Gerenuks by Willem.
  • A piggy and his friend.



  • Knitted cakes.
  • Ancestor proposal.


  • February Create.
  • History gets funky in  Peer Review.

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