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Posted: 5th January 2015

What's New?

A pie-throwing device.
You see this inventive device? It allows for rapid-fire, accurate pie-throwing. Now, be honest: haven't you wanted something like this in the last, say, two weeks? Over the holidays, you've surely run into a twit or two, right? Someone who should really be reminded to be less of a pompous spoilsport? 'Nuff said. That's what inventors are for: to meet a public need. Ben Franklin said something like that, and he was an inventor, too. (Lightning rods, stoves, and bifocals.)

When they aren't busy weaponising pastries, humans can be very inventive in other ways. Just how inventive might surprise you. Even our Palaeolithic ancestors came up with original labour-saving devices. In these Post pages, we'll take you all over the map and back in the old Tardis, as we show you some amazing inventions, past and present. Somebody won an Ig Nobel Prize for a teenager-shooing device. Who knew? The Edited Guide did, that's what it's there for. Decoding machines go back how far? Well, check out the Post Quiz. That's what we're there for.

What are we hoping to do here? Stimulate you to new discovery. While you're waiting to make your great invention – the one that's going to put your name on that high-rise building – you can do your due diligence, and us a favour, by writing about inventions of the past, or ideas of your own. Send us your photos, artwork, flights of fancy. Send PR your Entries. There's a world of wonder out there to mine for Stuff!

Our regulars are back with fun. The Prof's got a quiz that will have you scratching your heads. Willem's got an amazing tree, and a very cute bunny. The Aww Factor has been measured as .9 on the Bush Baby Scale.

Be sure to drop by and say hi to Ben. He and R have been practicing their lifesaving, and he's got some impressive people to tell you about.

Awix has been to the Bijou – er, scratch that, it was the Odeon. There, he saw a wonderful sight. It involved some very strange happenings around the Red Sea, and no, NATO weren't called in. Read about it, and you'll probably want to see this cinematic miracle, as I do.

So, get reading, get thinking, get to work! What better way to start the new year?

And have a wonderful week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Smith's Red Rock Rabbit  by Willem.
  • Cucumber Tree by Willem.



  • It's not aliens, it's a laser pointer.
  • The first saxophone.


  • Awesome electricity.
  • The Create-inator.

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