October: A Month of Scares

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As the year plods on and heads into it's final quarter, our thoughts turn to Halloween. All things spooky, monstorous and just downright scary begin to filter through. The dark is rising and so are are zombies, so this time around we want to hear about your stories, tales and myths about all things supernatural.

  • Have you had a spooky encounter?
  • Are there any local witch or ghost legends?
  • Is your local pub haunted?
  • Have you had a Scooby Gang encounter?
  • Do you dress up for Halloween, or turn all the lights off and pretend you're out?
  • Do you have any recipes you want to share for eyeball soup?
  • All are invited to reveal their horrors as personal stories, pictures and Guide Entries. Just don't forget your garlic and silver bullets.

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