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Posted: 24th November 2014

The one where Dmitri gets back and makes Mags work even harder. Again.

Create November 2014.Fellow h2g2ers, I invite you to applaud Magwitch. Not only is she the indefatigable leader of Create, whose NaJoPoMo effort is heating up the SubEtha this month, but she has never met an emergency she couldn't handle. I for one am extremely grateful. When my computer went all Marvin on me a little over a week ago, Mags was ready with help, advice, and virtual tea. As a result, you got your copy, and I was free to wrestle with the Geeks, who have finally purged this instrument of its unwanted Vogon fragments. We're back in business, and I thank my editing partner for this.

Speaking of Create, have you been reading these NaJo journals? They're amazing. Just in case you've missed some of the highlights, we're bringing you a sampling in this week's issue. You will learn things. You will laugh and cry. You may become addicted to the Arborvilla saga. Follow the clicks to adventure. (If you're in Pliny – that's the blue-on-white version – you'll have to switch briefly to an older skin to follow the links.)

Our regulars are here with goodies, too. Willem's got plant and animal life. Awix has unearthed a new film. (He always passes the Turing Test.) Ben's got wisdom, and Tavaron has art.

You may notice that Nigel has been packing h2g2 souvenirs to send to the ISS. That's because they've dedicated Expedition 42 to the Hitchhiker's Guide. We're honoured, of course: they're boldly going. We hope Marvin's personality doesn't rub off on Robonaut, though.

So read, comment, share and enjoy. We'll be back next week, too – promise.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Shaft-Tailed Wydah by Willem.
  • Banyan  by Willem.



  • Nigel packs goodies for the ISS.
  • A Texas hitchhiker with pointed shoes.


  • A mural for a lucky baby.
  • The Information Age in the 1890s.

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