The Post Quiz: Name-Dropper's Time Travel

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If you had your choice, who would you meet?

The Post Quiz: Name-Dropper's Time Travel

Charles Gray as Julius Caesar in 1979.

Don't you hate name-droppers? The people who pepper their anecdotes with claims of their brush with stardom? Who quote all the famous people they've met?

Don't you wish you could top their stories? Now, you can. Just use your tardis – the one you borrowed from the Gallifreyan garage – to travel back in time and visit famous people. Before you go, take this quiz: it will help you set your coordinates for optimum coolness.

Match the Famous Person, the date, and the place where you should go. (Space/time, remember?)

Famous PersonTimePlaceWhat you would say
  1. Isaac Newton
  2. Benjamin Franklin
  3. Julius Caesar
  4. Michelangelo
  5. Frank Borman
  6. Mata Hari
  7. Elizabeth I
  8. Sacagawea
  9. Ada Lovelace
  10. Marie Antoinette
  • 13 March 1915
  • July-September 1588
  • September 1792
  • 1512
  • Christmas Eve 1968
  • 4 November 1804
  • October 1842
  • 1751
  • 10 January 49 BCE
  • 1685
  • Porlock
  • Philadelphia field
  • Tuilleries, Paris
  • Lunar orbit
  • Cambridge apple orchard
  • Paris nightclub
  • Various royal palaces, England
  • Rome
  • Near Ft Mandan, North Dakota
  • Rubicon River, Italy

Want to check your coordinates? Click the picture below.

A woman dressed in flowing robes performs an arabic dance.
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