Do h2g2ers Know What Day It Is?

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It's all 2legs' fault. Or the Prof's. After all, he started the thread.

Strange Encounters: Do h2g2ers Know What Day It Is?

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Do you know what time it is?

Yeah, yeah, time is an illusion. Particularly when talking to h2g2ers. It all started when the Prof decided to use the Announcements thread to ask a technical question. Of course, everybody chimed in. And of-double-course, pretty soon the conversation got derailed1, and Bluebottle started saying he was in Addis Ababa2, and nobody knew what time it was.

We at the Post live to help, of-triple-course, so here are some handy online links to help you if you don't know what time it is.

Calendars for Lunatics h2g2ers

Planning on travelling in the Yucatan? You might want to check out this handy Mayan calendar converter before mounting that pyramid. It might be an inauspicious day for avoiding priests with obsidian knives.

Are you still hung up on the the Julian calendar3? Convert your date, and never be late to a Russian Orthodox party again. Alternatively, that site will help you figure out the date a.u.c, or ab urbe condita. Just in case you encounter an ancient Roman who wants to know.

Need to know when to send out the Rosh Hashanna cards? Try this Hebrew calendar converter.

Are you more futuristically inclined? Do you think digital watches are pretty cool idea? Then you'll want to convert to the correct stardate immediately. Of course, it says we're in negative numbers here, because the year zero is somewhere in the 24th Century. Sort of makes you feel like that archaeologist who found the coin stamped '44 BCE'…

It doesn't matter how you calculate the date. The Prof will still be complaining that the weather isn't what it used to be, 2legs will still be worrying about the badgers, and your Editor will still be insisting that they got it all wrong, anyway, and that it's still the 18th Century.

Now, does anybody have a digital watch they want to sell?

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1If a conversation on h2g2 doesn't get derailed, you should report this anomalous event to Someone In Charge immediately. There might be sidereal repercussions.2Elektra said she didn't know Addis Ababa was on the Isle of Wight. I told her I already had a headache, thank you.32legs, we said JULIAN, not 'Julienne'. Please pay attention, and get your head out of the kitchen for a minute.

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