August: Memorable Encounters

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Have you ever met/had memorable encounter with a person or an animal?

That person could be a friend, acquaintance, or even a complete stranger. Someone who amused you, inspired you, or just got your imagination started? What was it about them? Can you describe the experience? What came out of it?

What about the animal kingdom? Have you ever woken up camped in a farmer's field and found a bull in there? Danced with a wolf in the pale moonlight? Or bumped into to a polar bear?

We want to know all the details, except for perhaps real names. What made the encounter memorable?

For the Edited Guide contributors: find memorable people or animals, past or present, who have made their mark on our world. What makes them unusual? What did they change about the way we see the world?

As Dean Martin sang, 'Memories are made of this', share yours so we can remember with you.

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