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Posted: 9th June 2014

Looking Around

The 20th Century in the rearview mirror. Where are you looking these days – in front, to the side, behind you? The Post has it all. Our June Create participants are taking a look back at the 20th Century in all its glorious and inglorious wonder, while in Manchester, all eyes are on the visiting h2g2ers. We're sure they're making a big splash in the gossip columns. Next week, Post contributors will be here to tell us all about the fun and the rain and the beer.

In the meantime, we have lots for you to enjoy. Our regulars are back with cinema and RL doings, and a special Woodcraft section. There's a quiz that will challenge even you political junkies, and there's humour galore. The wildlife's here, and the fiction, as well.

Speaking of fiction, last week, Willem issued a challenge to all of you out there: make up a story to fit his scenario. A couple of us have taken it up, and you can read the results in this issue. But the challenge doesn't stop there. If you've got an idea, send it to us. We'll keep publishing them.

Was the 20th Century a sleek, smooth ride, in your opinion? Or was it more like an Edsel? What do you see in that rearview mirror? The Post and the Edited Guide want to know. Get writing!

And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Male Korhaan by Willem
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  • Seagulls for Britain.



  • Narlesha gets miffed.
  • Even presidents fell in love.

  • Writing away.

  • Transportation in the 20th Century.
  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
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