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Posted: 12th May 2014

Things That Bloom

A carrion flower by Willem. How's the plant world treating you these days? Are you enjoying the flowers, or do they make you sneeze? Personally, we love them, once we've swept all the yellow dust off the pavement from all those love-sick pine trees in the lusty southern US. As Willem's picture here reminds us, though, plants range from the beautiful to the beneficial to the downright strange, and we've got a bit of everything to show you in this week's issue of the Post.

Freewayriding's reminiscing about bluebells. Your Editor here takes a historical look, as well, about springs in old Germany, and the significance of asparagus. Bluebottle doesn't let the grass grow under his feet – he's off on his bike.

Willem's being wise, and showing us an owl. His heroine Narlesha is wise, too – or at least, crafty and brave. Enjoy this story.

The Usual Suspects are back with wise observations, as always, and there's enough humour in here to tickle your funnybones and, we hope, inspire you as you plan your next creative venture.

Where are you going this week? Were you planning to tell us about it? We like to hear, you know, and see your pics. You know where we are.

And if your travels take you past any unusual plants…why, we'd like to know. It's not called the Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything for nothing. Speaking of the Guide, there are some cool items in Peer Review. Go over and look.

So, don't pick the flowers. Leave them for others to enjoy. Take pictures, they last longer, and send them to the Post. And have a great week.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Giant Eagle Owl by Willem
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  • Curiosity gets creative.



  • Yes, we have organic banans.
  • Fairhope, Alabama's lobster sign.

  • Science Fiction Theatre
  • LADEEE crashes.

  • Bike ride.
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  • A whole lot of bluebells.
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