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Posted: 10th March 2014

March Marches On

A lamb and a lion. How's March treating you? So far, in the eastern US, not very well. As I write this, there's annoying White Stuff outside, and the squirrels are shivering. Bah. The Ground Hog is chuckling in his sleep. He told us not to expect spring anytime soon. Best thing to do is put on another jumper, heat the beverage of your choice, and settle in to read the Post. That's always a cosy exercise.

Mind you, our contributors will take you on some interesting journeys. Awix is up in the air with Liam Neeson, action hero. Amy's talking to Orcus. The Post Quiz is following the marching bands around. Frenchbean has a report from New Zealand.

Have you thought about your Create contribution yet? What went in like a lion and came out like a lamb for you? A personal experience, a historical event? Give it a shot! We're eager to read about it.

Willem's got a beautiful bird for us, and a very strange tree. He wrote, 'Yes, it is a plant.' Wow. The wonders never cease. We thank our artists for sharing their visions with us. This includes cartoonists, old and new. There's a blast from the past hidden in here, while Anthea has a brand-new old duck, and Nigel's keeping up with NASA, as always.

We've got a puzzle for you to help us solve in the Oddity column. If anyone knows Cork, come and help us out. We've also got an exercise for you to try out in the writing column. Stop by, and give us a hand.

Whatever strikes your fancy in this issue, we hope it helps pass the time and dispel the winter blues or late-summer Down Under doldrums. Wherever you are, have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Romeron pigeon by Willem
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  • A serious threat.



  • A Cork street.
  • Pushcarts in Puerto Rico.


  • Old man duck.
  • The Green Man.
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