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Yes! The interviews are back!

I know it's been ages since I sent the last one in, I'm going to try to finish these up, preferably before h2g2's 15th birthday-' tis only fair to the lovely folks that put up with all my questions...

With no further ado, here is Phil.

When did you join h2g2?

Sept 1999?

Looks about right...

How did you hear of/find h2g2?

I think it was after it was featured on Slashdot.

Why did you join h2g2?

It seemed interesting and as a UK based project unlike a lot of other stuff which was US based at the time.

Did you jump right in, or did you lurk awhile first?

I can't remember! It was a long time ago and it feels like it was a galaxy far far away as well. I think I lurked for a short while but then jumped in.

Have you written an Edited Entry?


How many?

Erm, not many.

What was your first Entry?

It seems like it was part of some of the early group efforts about places - Manchester, Birmingham, Brussels.
The first solo entry was I think a basic (and no doubt outdated) piece on internet privacy.

'Twas the one on Brusselssmiley - ok

What is your favorite Entry (of the ones you've written)?

The entry on Porth Trecastell, Angelsey. Probably my all time favourite beach.

Do you belong to/have you started any clubs/societies/what-have-you on h2g2?

I was an early member of Lil's Atelier - and the threads that spawned that space.

Is that/are those club(s)/society(ies)/what-have-you(s) still active?

The Atelier is still going. Sometimes with more posts than others, for quite some years the current conversation was listed as the top or near the top of the most active forums list. Keeping etiquete alive on the internet and being polite even when in disagreement, and there have been many of those over the years. An absolutely commendable effort by the hostess, Asteroid Lil.

Have you held any volunteer positions in the past?


Are you a current volunteer?


Which elvised researcher do you miss most?

There are quite a few who I would like back. Woodpigeon, Dr Vibenstein, Munchkin are 3 from the top of my head.

Have you been known by other names on h2g2 (not necessarily other accounts)?

Other Person, Solsbury

Have you been to any meets, of any size, whether "official" or not (meet=over a dozen, minimeet=6-12, micromeet=less than a half dozen)?

Yes, many.

Was my self portrait there?

It has been to several that I have been to.

How many copies? smiley - silly

I think there has only ever been one of you in attendence when I've seen.

If you've been to multiple meets, what's the farthest you've traveled to one?

London, Edinburgh or Glasgow are probably roughly the same distance for me to travel.

Am I asking too many questions?

Have I given enough answers?

Well, you did skip a couple, but they were ones that previous answers made clear that the skipped ones were moot, so, yessmiley - winkeye

Is this getting annoying?

Not nearly as annoying as some things I end up doing!

How about now?

Nope smiley - nahnah

If I were to give you a mufflewhump, what would it turn into, keeping in mind that they can't turn into anything sapient nor anything that can act against the giver's (ie, my) interest, and that they only work on h2g2?

A working pancreas would be nice but if that doesn't happen, I'll settle for some smiley - ale, it is the end of a hard working day after all smiley - smiley

Had you even heard of mufflewhumps before the previous question?


Have I given you one before?

Most likely smiley - biggrin

Did you know me before this interview?


Do you have a question for me (fair's fair, after all)?

If you were able to go to just one of the places the paper Amy has been to which one would you choose?

Ah, hm. Tough question, actually. Mostly because I've lost track of where-all my self portrait's been. I am finally actually starting to save up for a trip to the UK, though it'll be a few years before I get there.

Next time, we'll be hearing from Santragenius V

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