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Posted: 27th January 2014

The Funniest Site on the Web

The Funniest Show in the World? The other week, I stumbled across this poster. Don't you just love the Library of Congress? Thanks to those indefatigable researchers, we can enjoy this advert for a play that 1) ran long before any of us was born, and 2) closed after a couple of weeks. It called itself 'the funniest show in the world', which probably jinxed it. The bar was set too high. But we set our online bar pretty high, ourselves: not only is that this week's Oddity, but if you're the sort who reads the Writing Right column, you'll get it for homework. All will be revealed…

We think we're funny, here at the Post. Our contributors run to humour, as well as high-minded thoughtfulness. In general, h2g2 is like that. No matter how serious it all gets, we can find a laugh here and there. It's the best medicine, some say. We hope you'll enjoy the humorous bits we've hidden in this issue.

How funny you find Sisyphus is probably a question of how sardonic you tend to be. Willem's done a painting, and he's got the story. Frankly, we rate this one PG-13, for violence and undue sneakiness. There was probably some (Greek) cursing involved, too.

The Prof's got a poetic conundrum for you, Ben's got sensible talk about the web, Awix has another movie, and I finally took on the Create challenge. (I felt guilty.)

Amy's back with another interview, Rod's back with more woodcarving, Anthea's back with a new duck, and Galaxy Babe's back with more stargazing. There's a lot to experience here.

We'll quiz you, surprise you, and put you to work. Read, leave comments. We hope you find a chuckle or two, as well.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Great Blue Turaco by Willem
  • .

  • Sacred Coral Tree by Willem.



  • Not your usual duck.
  • Reunion tour.



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