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Project 42

Project 42 is a loving musical tribute to the H2G2 series of books. It is the creation of a
performer using the name of Zaphod. OK, Zaphod is me and I must stop referring to
myself in the third person, it just creeps me out.

I think the series are the funniest books ever written and no matter how many times I read them I still laugh out loud. The project is to create original music for each chapter and character in the books. I realize this will be a huge undertaking, but I am determined.

I originally planned on making it all instrumental as I realize that I sing exactly the way that bricks don't. Then I thought why not find some passionate fans of H2G2 to help. The plan is simple: I record some tracks with drums and rhythm and upload them to a web page. Potential contributors would them listen to them, find one that takers their fancy their style, download it and add their vocal track(s) and send it to me. I would then add more tracks to compliment the vocals, and post the finished song to the page, giving credit to all contributors. No money is involved as this is truly a labour of love.

Men carrying musical notes climbing a ladder to a musical staff against a moonlit background

I have created an email account just for communicating with any interested volunteers. It
[email protected] . At the web page for this project is , anyone can listen or download the songs so far created, as well as see the status of songs being worked on, what is coming next, and generally all the details of the project.

About me. I am 61 and have been thinking of this project for the last few years.
I recently went from full time at Toyota Financial Services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to part time (20 hours a week) so I have plenty of time now to devote to the project. 12 years ago I moved from Houston, Texas where I lived for 30 years and played in a classic rock/original band with my good friends. I taught myself to read music, play lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass guitar and drums. My musical influences are the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, Moody Blues, King Crimson, Tomita, Kraftwerk, Hendrix, Captain Beyond but especially early Genesis. I have been accumulating all the equipment I will need for the project: 5 electric guitars, an Epiphone violin bass, Keyboards, Fender acoustic 12 string, drum machine, microphones, and will be using Presonus Stuio One software. I can be liked on facebook as Zaphod. The general style of the music will be progressive rock with some classical symphonic (Prokofiev, Mussorgsky) and some minimalist like Devo and Kraftwerk.

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