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What's on your Christmas list?

Christmas Gifts

At Christmas, many people give gifts. Can you name these famous Christmas gifts?

  1. The first Christmas gifts: What three things did the Magi give the infant Jesus, according to the Book of Luke?
  2. Whose legend first tells of Christmas gifts left in a stocking?
  3. What Christmas gift may have saved the Empress Josephine's life in 1800?
  4. In 1801, Thomas Jefferson received a weighty and fragrant Christmas gift from the citizens of Cheshire, Massachusetts. What was it?
  5. A few years later, Thomas Jefferson received another interesting Christmas gift, this time from Zebulon Pike. What was it?
  6. What did British Christmas innovator Thomas Smith invent in 1846?
  7. What Christmas gift did General William Tecumseh Sherman present to Abraham Lincoln in 1864?
  8. What best-selling gift of the 1975 Christmas season was remarkably easy to train?
  9. What Christmas present did Apollo 8 give the people of Earth in 1968?
  10. What much-appreciated Christmas gift did Ronald Reagan receive from an admirer?

How gift-conscious were you? Click on the picture below to find the answers.

Father Christmas, aka Santa Claus, in his grotto.
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