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"We never life"

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - raisedeyebrow

Hmm, wonders I, was that a deliberate typo to test the readers? GB can distinctly recall Greebo and Shaz telling a few smiley - flyingpigporkies in their time but it was all in the name of fun and no creature (even Greebo Tsmiley - cat) was harmed in the making of.

Oh what fun when you're smiley - ill and no energy so can't do nuffin' - at least there's smiley - thepost to read. Most grateful, I am.

*removes Yoda hat*

smiley - galaxysmiley - diva

"We never life"

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Post Team

smiley - hug We thank you for that.

That typo was due to overwork on the part of this Editor. smiley - puff Apologies.

But we can always count on our eagle-eyed readership. Nice to have talented editors around to keep us honest! smiley - winkeye

The h2g2 Post: Definitively inaccurate. smiley - run

"We never life"

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - bigeyes overworked and underpaid... of course! I know this too... smiley - whistle

...but thank you for the "eagle-eyed" and "talented editor" description which I'll make sure is slotted into my CV...smiley - run

"We never life"

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

smiley - hug It should be.

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