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What do you remember of your schooldays? I went to an old-fashioned girls grammar school, where we wore pinafore dresses and played hockey. As this was in the sixties, some of the girls hitched their skirts as high as they could and wore their berets folded into little triangles pinned on the back of their beehive hairdos. We must have looked like something out of St Trinians, but discipline was strict and subjects were taught in the most academic fashion. In French we learned verbs, in Maths algebra and in Chemistry the periodic table.

Nevertheless I still remember some of the teachers with affection. There was a cookery teacher who enlivened the lessons with laughter. She likened me to a 'nymph that's been stung by a gadfly', beause I used to rush around dropping ingredients and getting in a panic. My English teacher produced the school play, which was the highlight of my year, and inspired me with a love of literature.

Now it's your turn because we want you to tell us about your schooldays. There are two ways you can do this. You can write a short piece about your memories of school, and send us photos. Or you can write an article for the edited guide on one of the school subjects listed below. We're not cruel enough to set you reams of homework, so we suggest you limit your entries to 800 words.

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