The Post Quiz: Vegetables in the Edited Guide

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It's summer, the courgette is on the vine. Check your knowledge of the healthy stuff.

The Post Quiz: Vegetables in the Edited Guide

Three courgettes / zucchini of different colours

In the US, 'Broccoligate' has erupted all over again, and with it, the never-ending discussion of which veggies are 'elitist'.

Back when George HW Bush was president, he caused a flap when he refused to eat broccoli. He said he didn't LIKE it, and he didn't have to EAT it, because he was president, so there.

The most recent uproar was caused when current president Barack Obama told a bunch of schoolchildren that his favourite food was broccoli. His political opponents accused him of lying to innocent children. But we suspect he really DOES like broccoli. Why not? It's tasty.

How much do you know about veggies? Check your knowledge here, with help from the Edited Guide.

Match the veggie to the relevant fact about it.

Celery From Latin braccium.
BeetrootAussies call it
a pumpkin.
BroccoliAka zucchini.
RadishUsed to make sarmale.
YucaBeta vulgaris.
Butternut squashContains tryptophan.
CourgetteRoman aphrodisiac.
CabbageRed-skinned edible root.
Spinach5th Doctor's fave.
Asparagus'Boring', turniplike
root vegetable.

Think you harvested them all? Click on the tasty veg below for the answers.

Some beetroot.
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