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Posted: 12th August 2013

Where in the World Have You Been?

A postcard from Brighton. August is definitely travel month. If you aren't out and about, you're in and entertaining guests. It's an excellent time of the year to catch up, enjoy the great outdoors, and see things you wouldn't otherwise see. Such as a cormorant on a roof in Brighton.

Cactuscafe's been to Brighton, many times. This time around, though, she thought to make us some postcards. You can view them all here. No, they don't say, 'Having a wonderful time, wish you were here.' That would be boring. These are not the postcards from the corner shop, trust us.

Beatrice has been traveling, too – well, at least as far as the World Police and Fire Games. You'll love the pictures. We'll let her tell us.

Has benjaminpmoore been traveling? Well, in his neighbourhood. He's come to some very pointed conclusions about his government, which you will be interested in reading. Over here, we're still puzzling over his perception of Chicago…

Awix has been enjoying wildlife from the relative safety of the local cinema. That's probably the best place to be, considering the killer orcas he's encountered. Read the review for a real nature eye-opener.

Speaking of nature, Willem's back with a creature so amazing, even its name is magical: Lichtenstein's Hartebeest. Now, those are words to conjure with. 'In the name of Lichtenstein's Hartebeest, I command you to…'

Enjoy the art discussion. Try the music quiz. Savour the humour. Tell Anthea how good that ice lolly looks. Go on a trip down memory lane with Smudger. And remember to join in the August Create Challenge.

Oh, and keep those articles and pictures coming. We love 'em.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Lichtenstein's Hartebeest
  • .

  • The ducky has an ice lolly.


  • A large blue winged costume under the shadow of a Belfast shipyard crane


  • A postcard from Brighton.
  • Someone wearing blue face paint, but not a Smurf

  • A penguin pushing luggage while another penguin looks on
  • .

  • My name is Mhairi Dhu, and yours isn't.





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