A Summer Cooler

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A Lazy, Creamy, Summer Cooler

Now, Dear Readers,

I'm not sure how the weather is wherever you all may be. But here in our rosy corner of England, it's a frightfully hot Summer!

During days like these, we all get a bit lazy. So in this week's recipe there will be no scalding of chopping boards, browning of beef, or pre-heating of ovens. Just a long, cool drink to enjoy at the village fete or in a shaded bower when the sun gets too much for you!

This recipe owes just a little to our cousins in the colonies. It was invented by myself and Mabel with help from the rest of the Ivanhoe Circle, but the idea came from a chat about peanuts we had with President Carter when he sought our help during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.



Smooth peanut butter (unsweetened is best)

Optional, for true Summer decadence - some 'Cornish cream' ice cream


Put two teaspoons of peanut butter into your favourite mug.
Gradually add cool, cool milk: keep stirring as you add.

Make sure you don't add the next splash of milk until the mixture is a fully-mixed, smooth paste.

When you've filled the mug, you have finished. Go and sit somewhere nice and enjoy it! It's a simple, lazy, Summer treat.

When we first tried this at the Ivanhoe Circle, Mabel had what we discovered was a sugar rush. She started getting vicious with cocktail onions. A sugar rush, Marjorie told us, was invented after the war. It comes from eating refined foods, which we never did before that. And the only cure is to eat a lot of cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Now, we took Marjorie at her word. And we made a bad mistake. Mabel didn't get any better; quite the reverse! Her sugar rush was now - if you'll pardon me - jet-powered. So please use unsweetened peanut butter.

To be really decadent, add a scoop of ice cream! I have heard that Bailey's Irish Cream is a worthy addition, too, but I haven’t tried it. We're being cautious because of the cocktail onions.

Do try it. It takes only minutes! And do tell me how you get on.

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