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29.05.00Cakes and Puddings
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Banana Bread Pudding
  • Microwaved Fudge
  • Simple Dessert
  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Tomato and Vodka Sorbet
26.06.00Braised Beef In Burgundy
03.07.00European Recipes
  • French Onion Soup
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Dutch Beef Stew
24.07.00More Puddings
  • Bread and Butter Pudding
  • Summer Pudding
29.11.01Traditional Christmas Pudding
06.12.01Traditional Christmas Cake
13.12.01Mince Pies
14.02.02Fresh Mushroom Penne
21.02.02Fried Pork
07.03.02Hunters Chicken
14.03.02Tuna Mozzarella Melt
21.03.02Goats Cheese Salad and Clementine CompĂ´te
28.03.02Chicken Spin
04.04.02Fruit and Cream Torte
11.04.02Tomato Soup with Rice
18.04.02Watercress Soup
25.04.02Pears with Hot Fudge Sauce
02.05.02Mixed Berry Puddings
09.05.02Rice Salad
23.05.02Really Hot Beef Curry
30.05.02A Four Course Meal
06.06.02Quick and Spicy Chicken
13.06.02Nice and Simple Meringues
20.06.02Conchiglie alla Burina
27.06.02Infamous Baked Bean Special
18.07.02Summer Cherry and Blueberry Crumb Pie
25.07.02Roasted Stuffed Red Bell Peppers
01.08.02Fastnacht Day
08.08.02Foolproof Fruit Cake
15.08.02Ham Loaf
12.09.02Paella with homemade sangria
19.09.02Mediterranean Cheese Bites
03.10.02Toad in the Hole
31.10.02Hallowe'en Recipes
28.11.02Albondigas en Salsa de Chipotle
05.12.02Buying and Cooking a Turkey
12.12.02Traditional Sherry Trifle
19.12.02Steamed Persimmon Puddings
19.12.02Preparation of Cold Meats and Teatime Fayre
19.12.02Buying and Preparing the Vegetables
06.03.03The 'Douglas' Waterproof Sandwich (spoof recipe)
26.02.04On the Shelves
04.03.04Ben's Baked Eggs
11.03.04Chicken Khania
18.03.04Chicken Tikka Balti Ceylon
25.03.04Coriander Chutney Wraps
08.04.04Nut-Free Pesto
15.04.04Odo's Favourite Pork and Cabbage
22.04.04'Roger Milla' 3-Lentil and Chorizo Stew
29.04.04Chinese Poached Tuna
06.05.04Hot Savoy Salad
13.05.04Huevos Rancheros
20.05.04Sticky Chicken Wings
10.06.04Thai Spicy King Prawn Broth
24.06.04Greek Tapenade
01.07.04Peri-peri Chicken
08.07.04Saag Paneer
22.07.04'Special' Indian Chutney
29.07.04Green Bean Bhaji
05.08.04Lincolnshire Delight
12.08.04Jerk Chicken Wraps
19.08.04Ice Cream Recipes - Fruit
26.08.04Ice Cream Recipes - Chocolate and unusual flavours
02.09.04Auntie Bat's Spice Cookies
16.09.04When complicated cookery is too much like hard work...
06.01.05Turkey and Black Bean Stir-fry
20.01.05Duck and Two Peppercorn Terrine
03.02.05Vietnamese Pork Sandwich
21.04.05Black and Blue Steak
28.04.05Gnocchi Vesuvio
05.05.05Bulghur Wheat Salad
12.05.05Margarita Sunrise
26.05.05Pork in Cider Casserole
09.06.05Shepherds' Pie
07.07.05Osh - A Persian Herby Soup
21.07.05Souvlaki Lamb and Roast Fennel Kebabs
29.09.05Millionaire's Shortbread
27.10.05Chocolate Chip Cookies
27.10.05White Pudding-stuffed Pork with a Cider-Flavoured Veloute Sauce
08.12.05The Easy Way to Cook Christmas Dinner
22.12.05History of the Christmas Cake
09.03.06Traffic Lights
18.05.06Easy-Peasy Pud
01.06.06Tango Soup
29.06.06Potato Wedges and Haphazard Bread Pud
13.07.06Vegetarian Lasagne
07.09.06Auntie Bat's Fried Dutch Baby
07.09.06C-I don't have the right ingredients so I made one up-irinha
10.04.08Roy's/Socket's Chicken Breast With Nice Stuff In And Around It With Funky Salad
08.05.08Ajo Blanco
05.06.08Polish Bacon Spaghetti
09.10.08Tasty Squid
20.11.08Pumpkin Lasagne
19.03.09Toasted Muesli
09.07.09Pink Pie
17.05.10Veal Shoulder Roast and Tomato Soup
14.11.11Bird's Nest: Yorkshire Style
01.04.13Yellow Jacket Soup
20.05.13Having a Badger for Dinner
27.05.13Ravioli as nature intended
29.07.13A Summer Cooler
03.08.20Yorkshire Tea Loaf

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