The Post Quiz: Those Magnificent Men - And Women - In Their Flying Machines - Answers

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Come down from the clouds and check your answers to this week's quiz.

Those Magnificent Men (and Women) in Their Flying Machines – Answers

Aircraft on runway of Compton Abbas

Now, be honest: Were you or were you not just amazed at all those questions about pioneers of flight and other surprising people in the air?

You're going to be even more amazed at the answers. Check it out.

  1. We all know that Amelia Earhart, the great flyer (called an 'aviatrix' by those sexists back then), went missing. But who went missing with her? Frederick Noonan, her unlucky navigator. You can also read about a theory of how they got lost.
  2. Speaking of the golden age of aviation, one of its greatest navigators was Harold Gatty. Where was Gatty from? Tasmania. Will Rogers, himself a flying aficionado, said, 'He knows the Moon like a lobbyist knows the Senators.'
  3. Famous aviatrix (that word again!) Jean Batten was called 'the Garbo of the skies'. Where did she hail from? New Zealand. What is it about flying Down Under?
  4. What former German cavalryman made it possible for more than 34,000 passngers to travel a total of 170,000 miles by air before the First World War? Count Zeppelin, of course. And yes, his airships later bombed a few chippies, as he built 88 for military use.
  5. What did the first Englishman to achieve sustained powered flight have in common with Buffalo Bill? They were both named Cody. Of course, that might have been a publicity stunt.
  6. Name the famous son of the Mayor (no, not Sheriff) of Nottingham who grew up to become a great fighter ace in World War I. Albert Ball, who 'was only a little chap, and the jolliest and most modest little fellow imaginable.' He shot down 44 enemy planes. Modestly, of course.
  7. 'I fell in love with her the moment I was introduced. I was captivated by her sheer beauty; she was slimly built with a beautifully proportioned body and graceful curves just where they should be.' Identify the object of Lord Balfour's affections. A Spitfire. He was Under-Secretary of State for Air, so his wife was probably used to it.
  8. What distinction was held by Captain Tim Lancaster of British Airways? He survived being sucked out of his cockpit (If you haven't read this one, you'll be amazed at this tale of a quick-thinking and determined aircrew.)
  9. What is the airplane-related connection between John Glennon Kriegshauser of Missouri, USA, and the city of Sheffield? A B-17 Flying Fortress called 'Mi Amigo'. Kriegshauser and his crew all died when their bomber crashed in Sheffield during the Second World War. Read the inspiring story.
  10. The Gesta Regum Anglorum is an ancient history book – so of course we believe it. According to this book by William of Malmesbury, what Guinness-worthy first was accomplished by Eilmer of Malmesbury? (Remember the subject of this quiz.) He was the first Englishman to fly. The account is very realistic: it claims he fell and broke his legs. 'He said the cause of his ruin was that he forgot to put a tail on his posterior parts.' Sounds reasonable to us.

Isn't it just mind-boggling how much fantastic, edge-of-your-seat aircraft stuff is in the Edited Guide? And we've just scratched the surface. Go searching and reading – and if your favourite unusual flying story is not already in there, you know what to do. Write your next Guide Entry about aviation.

Or aviators. Or aviatrixes…er, aviatrices, er…

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