Towel Day 2013 - the Final Reveal

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Artwork of Douglas Adams in Warhol style by Rangewoman

When we started our planning for the Towel Day celebration, we had no idea just how many people would send us their photos. On the day itself we had the most amazing time, talking to our friends from around the world here, on Facebook and via twitter and google+

We've eventually found time to upload a selection of them here. We have 42 photos. Enjoy1!

A Short History of Towels

TeknoKai answered our call and wrote us a brief explanation of the origin of towels. Please welcome him back to h2g2, he's been away for many a year.

There's still a challenge available for an Edited Guide Entry on the history of the towel, if anyone cares to do some research for h2g2?

42 Haiku and 42 Ways to Fold a Towel

Not only did we get the most amazingly inventive photographs of your Towel Day exploits, but we were sent a stunning video. This has to be one of the stars of the show, as it combines vogon-influenced poetry, written as haikus times 42, with music and featuring 42 ways to fold a towel. And a cat.

42 Ways to fold a towel.
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What more could you wish for?

But now, onto the Towels.

The Great Outdoors, Hitchhikers, Books, Bathtime and Cake

Solnushka pimped her ride, and various other people ventured forth into the fresh air with their towels, both in the northern and southern hemispheres. We had cake with white mice, from Rangewoman (Thank you! Thank you!) We had artwork, and photos of babies and doggies. The library shelves were emptied in one library, and people took to wearing towels as capes and headgear. Pierce the Pirate lost his pirate hat, so luckily the towel was a good standby.

Rangwoman baked a cake for the h2g2 community
1Due to the eccentric nature of h2g2, we advise you that they best way to appreciate this page is by looking at it in Pliny, we won't bore you with the technical reasons for this.

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