Turn, turn, turn

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<notes for a work in progress>

T' earn your applause your author turns his hand
to leave no turn unstoned. For to everything
there is a season and a time for every
porpoise under heaven.


I'm gonna take my turn. First I gotta
get this engine to turn over, then I'll
take some turns flat out and hope
the car doesn't turn over.

The tourney will go on even if no one turns up;
the knights will wait to turn upon the styles.

Outside the punters queue to turn their tickets in as
their taxis turn around, but those who seek returns
may be turned down.

Many will be turned off and turned away
while a comic does his turn upon the stage
and dancers wait to do their turns.

An old lady takes a bit of a turn then turns up dead.

Turn up the volume and turn down the bed,
a turnover may or may not turn your head.

Is turn-about really fair play; even a turn for the worse?

As it turns out, as the whirled turns, the tides turn and
a pilot turns his plane but when the worm turns everyone
turns their back to the turning winds of change with plans
to turn over a new leaf, turning their attention to the latest
turn of events.

Now let's turn the tables and I'll turn it over to you.
I'm gonna turn in.


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