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The Sporting Emporium
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This is the place to keep track of all the popular events from around the world and place your virtual wagers1. Have fun!

Please note that others are encouraged to suggest events and are most welcome to supervise the wagering and post their results here. Just start a conversation here, and add links to any Entries or web-sites you feel are relevant.

Equine Events

A day at a horse track can be fun!

The Triple Crown

The first race of the 2013 US Triple Crown was conducted at Church Hill Downs. The Kentucky Derby was held on 4 May, 2012, and was won by Orb. The Call of the Race.

The next race 'The Preakness Stakes' will be held on 18 May Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.

The horses will draw for their post positions on Wednesday, 15 May.

The final race of the 2013 is to be held on 8 June at Belmont Park on Long Island, about 20 minutes (by Car) east of New York City.

UK Events

1 June the Epsom Downs Derby will be held.


Racing sailboats is an exciting sport. The races are subject to several rules, primarily concerned with which boat must turn to avoid colliding with the others.

The America's Cup will be in contention later this year.

Football, Baseball American Football

We need a section on the Football World Cup.

The American World Series of Baseball

The 'Big Game' of American Football.

Other Sports

Fencing with swords; Sabre, EpeƩ, and Foil.

Gymnastics, Track and Field.

Certainly the Olympic Games.

Could all find a place here if there is sufficient interest.

Classic Moments in Sports

In this section we will feature several highlights from the history of sports. This will serve as both an introduction to the sport and a diversion between live events.

Classic Horse Race

Probaly the greatest horse to ever race in the US, Secretariat easily won the Triple Crown in 1973. In this clip we can watch him leave the feild far behind in the home stretch. Secretariat's Belmont Race

A very interesting Sailboat Race.

A classic race for America's Cup, between Switzerland and Team New Zealand. The 32nd America's Cup race was sailed in 2008 at Valencia Spain ( the Swiss team were the defenders, but they had no suitable site in their own country for the race.)

In the first clip we are given a brief overview of the race, watch the boats manoeuvring for the best position in the pre-start and watch the 1st minute or so of the first leg AC Race 1 of 9.

In part 2 we will see the battle continue as the boats try to get the best position before reaching the turning marker AC Race 2 of 9.

The Swiss boat manges to force Team New Zealand off-course and gains an advantage for rounding the mark, AC Race 3 of 9, can the Kiwis recover?

In the first down wind leg Team NewZealand manages to steal the wind from the sails of the Swiss boat and takes the lead as they go around the down-wind marker AC Race 4 of 9 . The race is halfway over and it is still impossible to predict the outcome.

As they go around the marker Team New Zealand briefly loses control of her spinnaker sail. As the two boats battle to the windward marker AC Race 5 of 9 as they battle back to the windward mark they are once again almost side by side in the race.

As the two boats continue their final duel upwind to the marker, we see the first sailing penalty ever placed against an America's Cup finalist AC Race 6 of 9. As the two boats once again approached each other, the Swiss boat altered her course as far below her proper line to the marker as was allowed by the rules. At minute marker 4:28 the Swiss boat quickly changes course to avoid a collision and hoists her protest flag. The protest was confirmed by the judges. Team New Zealand must now make turn into the wind, and return to her course before she will be allowed to finish the race. Alinghi, the Swiss boat, gained the lead before they rounded the mark and both boats hoisted their huge spinnaker sails once more. The Kiwi boat would have to drop her spinnaker before she could make her required penalty turn.

As the two boats begin their final leg, sailing down-wind to the finish line, almost side by side, the announcers begin to review the circumstances of the penalty. I seems obvious that ther is no possibility that Team New Zealand can complete their penalty and still win the race AC Race 7 of 9. As the boats approach the finish line Team New Zealand drops their spinnaker, hoist the jib to complete the penalty turn. Before they can start the required turn the wind shifts to almost the opposite direction. The Swiss boat is caught with her spinnaker still hoisted and useless. You must watch if you want to see how the race ended.

This section is a recap of the race from the time of the penalty until the finish.
AC Race 8 of 9

This section is a recap of the racing series, with a few general commentsAC Race 9 of 9


1Actual cash wagers are prohibited to avoid violating the House Rules.

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