Pliny has landed best viewed in Brunel

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The dust has settled on Barlesque ( A78067353 ) and the BBC and we are now into a new era driven by Pliny h2g2's new website engine.
Time for another lurk around a new and fascinating environment.
H2g2 has Pliny and I have a new iPad. Let's hope they go well together. <biggrin>
This entry begins in plain text.  It works,  I have just saved, exited and rentered the guide entry.
The contributions that I have made over the years seem to be pretty well intact. The main problem would seem to be links with the BBC web site in the URL. It will be interesting to see how such links are handled by whatever technique is used to save h2g2's meanderings for posterity:-
The plain text editor does not seem to pick up links and smileys.
I have just had an interesting chat with Pastey that begins here F22125707?thread=8297245&post=110739594#p110738995 . It seems more than likely that a new version of Pliny will soon be launched.
Will leave well alone for the time being.

There is an Entry that needs to be read before bringing my space in line with Pliny:- A219656
The above entry is out of date and redirects to :-  A77393154
It would seem that links and smileys are not picked up by the Plain Text Editor.

Unable to find page
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Posted Last Week by Pastey: In Bacchus We Trust
The problem with your links is that they're not denoting the skin. When the beeb shifted everything around, it started needing the skin in the url. So, there's the website address ( followed by the engine powering the multisites (dna) followed by the skin (brunel, goo, alabaster) and then the page:

Pliny doesn't need anything other than the website and the page:

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