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Posted: 15th April 2013

All Roads Lead to h2g2

Drama reconstruction of a Roman legion on the march in Britain.

This week, the Post goes retro on you. No, we're not having a zoot suit revival. Really retro, like tardis stuff. To celebrate the fact that Quintus Sertorius is on the Front Page, and that we're still doing our travel challenge, we've decided to put all the headers in Latin. Break out your dictionaries.

Or cheat, and read the footnotes.

After all, all roads lead to Rome, and Pastey's just been there, so it must be interesting. He'll be telling us about it one of these days. In the meantime, navigate through these articles.

Speaking of navigation, there's a brand-new board game here. Print it out, play it with your friends over libations – which is Latin for 'pan galactic gargle blasters'. All of the squares are entries in the Edited Guide. With 14 years' worth of travel information, there was plenty to choose from.
14 years, folks. That's the birthday we'll be celebrating on 28 April. Wow. How time flies when you're having fun. If you've got anything to say about it – photos, art, reflections, anecdotes to share – you know where to send them. We'd be honoured. Or make a resolution to write another Guide Entry in honour of the day.

Speaking of travel, if you've done any, or want to share some memories, or just have advice for hitchhikers, remember the April Create travel challenge. The board game might help get your juices flowing. Or hunt around with the Search button, and say, 'Hey! They haven't covered my favourite place yet!'

Stay out of trouble, if you can. Greet a new Researcher and try to explain this site. Send Stuff, and enjoy your week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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  • Wonder bra, my eye.


  • Earth.
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  • The life raft that saved Eddie Rickenbacker.
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