The Irrelevancy of Relevance

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The issue of relevance is that relevance itself is measured on a scale of perspective. For example, something you may view as relevant someone else is likely to view as irrelevant. Therefore, we must assume that anything that is relevant is in any case irrelevant. And also, therefore, whatever is irrelevant will in fact prove relevant. True relevance is actually so irrelevant that if one tried to bring it up, it wouldn't even take a shot from the Point of View gun for one to realize how irrelevant the relevance of their statement is. And so irrelvant relevance is by far more valuable and much more understandable to the point of which, the Babel Fish wouldn't have to translate for you and a Vogon would be able to actually write decent poetry on irrelevant relevancy. To summarize: If you think it is relevant, it is in fact not and therefore it is best to have such thoughts eaten by the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. If you think it is not relevant, you may be surprised to find it is extremely relevant after all and that you have officially been placed next to Kevin and Almighty Bob. 

The further issue of the relevancy of this entry in the Guide is one that is in fact, quite irrelevant. 

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