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We need help!

The Pliny Editor has some problems, that we know of, and there might well be problems that we don't know about.

This page is about looking at the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), or rich text editor. At this time, we won't be working with GuideML testing/review.
And also, we would like you to share your best workarounds, if you have found a nice way to solve a particular problem.


We hope to get an improved editor out when we launch the new system. And to do that, we need to know what needs improvement. And the way we can know it is if someone tells us. And the best someone is a writer for the Guide. Note, not only the experienced writer, but also the newbie, the one who hasn't written in years, the one who has been around since ages, and never dared, anyone and everyone is invited to help.

What to do?

Write an entry, using the Pliny Editor without using any GuideML. (GuideML editing may have its own challenge at some point).

If you find a problem, start a new thread, and describe the problem. Please, only one type of problem per thread. Feel free to start new threads.

It's also useful if you link to your entry in the description, this will help us look at the issue more easily. 

Describe what you wanted to achieve, what steps you took, and what the outcome was. The clearer the description, the better the fix. 

Examples of how to describe a problem:

The bulleted list doesn't work.


I pressed the Bullet icon, and started to type the list items, but I can't make it stop making bullet points, even when I click the icon again.


I have to use shift+enter to make a new bullet, or it will only be an indented text


I find that when I want to make a bulleted list, it's best to type the list first, and then highlight the items in the list, and press the list icon.

Some of the above are more useful than others, wouldn't you agree? More details will help us repeat the problems and understand them better, so they can be removed.

Thanks for your help.

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