A Dream About Longing and Friendship

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A poem about a deep subject.

The bird on the top of the Liver Buildings takes flight.

A Dream about Longing and Friendship

A deep hollow cavern
Opened itself in the middle of me
Heavy, dark, throbbing with nothing
My head turns, my eyes search in all corners
But, for reasons I cannot grasp
You are not here
And the dark cavern slowly fills
With the simple, sheer, solid
Emptiness that is longing
A feeble light shines
Coming from outside towards me
I hold my breath
Trying not to stir the air so it dies
I recognise the light
It is a friendship that comes to me
I let the light shine
Welcoming its glow and warmth
And the cavern closes again
Leaving me
With the thought that as I have a friend
My eyes now again can see the light
And my heart is warm once again
But also that I need to find you
To make sure that the darkness
Didn’t just sit back to wait
But rather wrapped itself in its black cloak
And left me safe in the light
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