The Post Quiz: Winter Holiday Lore

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While you're waiting for Santa, test your knowledge with this quiz.

The Post Quiz: Winter Holiday Lore

The Kremlin, Moscow.

The solstice is upon us, and lore abounds. How much of it do you know? Take this multiple choice quiz.

  1. Everybody knows that the winter solstice is on 21 December. (Yeah, right.) What happens at Stonehenge on this date every 18 years?
    • The stones move.
    • The moon rises over a stone.
    • The moon rises over where a stone used to be.
    • There is a major rock concert.
  2. What did the ancient Romans think of holly?
    • It was a nasty plant, and should be eradicated.
    • It was only used by Druids, whom they despised.
    • It was an aphrodisiac, and should be consumed boiled or roasted.
    • It was useful for warding off witches.
  3. Where would you find the Christmas Tree Cluster?
    • At your local mall.
    • In a constellation.
    • Under an electron microscope.
    • Inside a mistletoe plant.
  4. Why do the Sami drink reindeer urine?
    • There is not enough drinkable water in Lapland.
    • It's a punishment for violating traffic laws.
    • It's a way to get high.
    • Reindeer urine tastes like ouzo.
  5. If you are the first foot in Scotland, what should you bring?
    • Coal, salt, liquor or sweets.
    • A bagpipe.
    • Hay for the horses.
    • Nothing.
  6. Whose birthday is on 25 December?
    • Zoroaster's.
    • Mithras'.
    • Constantine the Great's.
    • St Nicholas'.
  7. Where can you buy a carving of Ded Moroz for your winter holiday?
    • Istanbul.
    • Moscow.
    • Athens.
    • Rio de Janeiro.
  8. In Frankfurt am Main, what does it mean if your girlfriend sends back your Bethmännchen?
    • You should probably get a medical exam.
    • You should probably cancel the wedding plans.
    • You should send her a bigger one.
    • You should go out and buy her a ring.
  9. In days of yore, what did Father Christmas wear on the Isle of Wight?
    • Red.
    • Blue.
    • Green.
    • Red, white, and blue.
  10. Why might a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer go out to the barn at midnight on Christmas Eve?
    • To milk the cows, because they give extra on that night.
    • To hear them talk, because they speak on that night.
    • To recite a poem to them, so they give more milk.
    • To place an egg on the threshold for good luck.

How knowledgeable were you? Click on the Christmas card below to find out.

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