The Post Quiz: Trek Trivia for Beginners

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Confession: Your Editor was never a diehard Trekker. Maybe you aren't, either. What's the least you need to know to keep up with your Trekker friends, to avoid sounding like a complete dork at the convention? Try your hand at this quiz.

The Post Quiz: Trek Trivia for Beginners

Multiple choice, and don't fail the Starfleet entrance exam.

A Star Trek phaser in action. By Community Artist Menthol Penguin.

  1. Which of these persons never commanded the Enterprise?
    • Captain Kirk.
    • Captain Picard.
    • Captain Archer.
    • Captain Janeway.
  2. What is the Prime Directive?
    • A recipe for gach.
    • A rule about non-interference.
    • A rule about transporting in a red shirt.
    • A way to get out of tight plot situations.
  3. Which of these races sports spots?
    • Trills.
    • Klingons.
    • Vulcans.
    • 29th-century humans.
  4. Which Starfleet captain had a dog?
    • Picard.
    • Janeway.
    • Archer.
    • Sisko.
  5. What does it mean when an episode takes place in the 'Mirror, Mirror' universe?
    • All the directions are reversed, and the actors walk upside down.
    • The colour scheme for Starfleet uniforms is changed.
    • Everyone acts campily evil.
    • The Klingons are peaceful, and hand out flowers.
  6. What made Voyager different from other Star Trek stories?
    • The captain spoke with a British accent.
    • The ship wasn't interested in exploration.
    • The ship was parked next to a wormhole.
    • The ship was lost in the Delta Quadrant.
  7. What made Deep Space Nine different from other Star Trek stories?
    • The Klingons were bad guys.
    • The crew was on a space station, not a starship.
    • There were no Ferengi jokes.
    • Nobody ever had holographic adventures.
  8. Which is true of holodecks/holosuites?
    • They never malfunction.
    • Nobody ever has sex there.
    • No holocharacters ever find out they're holograms.
    • If the 'safeties' are off, there can be collateral damage.
  9. Who was Zephrem Cochrane?
    • The very tall inventor of the warp drive engine.
    • The first person to be lost in a transporter accident.
    • B'Elanna Torres' husband.
    • The scriptwriter responsible for 'The Trouble with Tribbles'.
  10. Which is not true of Bajorans?
    • They give their last names first, like Hungarians.
    • They only mate once every seven years.
    • They worship the lifeforms who live in a wormhole.
    • They dislike Cardassians.

Think you make a good ensign? Click on the picture below and say, 'Computer, reconfigure the viewscreen'.

The book cover of Star Trek - The Motion Picture by Gene Roddenberry, 1979
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