The Post Quiz: Halloween Factoids

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This material is not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned.

It's 31st October, and there are scary trick-or-treaters outside. How much do you know about this spooky holiday?

Halloween Factoids

A scary-looking Halloween pumpkin

How many of these do you know? Short answers.

  1. We know Halloween is really a Celtic holiday. But what time of the year is that to a Druid?
  2. If you're a-scared of Halloween, what phobia do you suffer from?
  3. What were the original jack o' lanterns made of?
  4. One quarter of all the annual candy sales in the US take place during Halloween season. It helps if the candy is wrapped. What was the first wrapped candy sold in the US?
  5. Why would it be an especially good idea to bob for apples in Pomona, California?
  6. What was the native language of Bela Lugosi, the world's most famous Dracula?
  7. What famous escape artist died on Halloween?
  8. What can you do with a pumpkin and a trebuchet?
  9. What best-selling US Halloween confection imitates a common vegetable, but is worse for the teeth?
  10. On the night before Halloween, 1938, what did many people in New Jersey believe had happened?

Click on the trick-or-treaters for the answers.

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