Quote of The Day Review: September 2012

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Geggs is back with more quotable Quotes.

Quote of The Day Review: September 2012

An interrobang, a combination of question and exclamation marks.

First off, I'm going to start with a clarion call, followed by a pean of praise. Quote of the Day needs you! This month only 15 Quotes appeared on the Front Page. The reason for this is very simple – it's only me that is sending any Quotes to [email protected]! If QotD is to continue then it need you – and I mean YOU – to send in anything that has been said on h2g2 that you believe deserves greater exposure. If this comes from a forum that is rarely frequented (and there's lots of those on this vast site) or from a Researcher who hasn't been Quoted yet (the leaderboard will show you who has been Quoted) then all the better. Come on people – if you want QotD to continue, if you enjoyed your moment of fame when you appeared on the Front Page, then send in your Quotes, and spread the joy. It will give you, and the Researcher that is Quoted, a warm glow inside – you know it will.

However, just because I'm the only person sending Quotes in, doesn't mean I've been the only person picking Quotes. This month lil (Auntie Giggles) retired from collating the Quotes. She has been picking lots of Quotes too, and making sure that the whole thing keeps on ticking over. I've been congratulating people, keeping the archive and leaderboards up to date, and writing this column for the Post, but without the work that lil has been doing I would have nothing to write about, nothing to archive and no one to congratulate. lil has been the engine room and the captain keeping this whole thing on track for the last few months, I've just been running behind completely failing to keep up. QotD would not exist today without her, just as it won't exist tomorrow without you. Send in a Quote. Do it now! Don't let lil's hard work be in vain.

What's New?

The new Quotees this month are, in order of appearance: Rod, Evangeline, Stone Aart, psychocandy, and Elentari. Rod got two Quotes during the month too, which is a good outing in his first month. That also means these new Quotees contributed more than a two fifths of the month's total Quotes. I'm sure there are still Researchers out there that haven't been Quoted yet though. If you find one being Quotable – send it in!

The newly Quoted fora this month are: Evangeline's journal and Gosho's journal. Again, this is a big site. Vast some might say. Any there are lots of places that are yet to have a Quote lifted from them. We all have different hootooing habits – maybe some of the bits of the site you frequent are yet to be Quoted from. If so, send one in! It may result in your favourite forum getting a visitor boost, and kick-start more conversions.

On the move

There's been some interesting movement at the top of the overall leaderboard this month. Last month we reported that Mu Beta had been kicked down into 4th place (with 8 Quotes) by virtue of Hoovooloo gaining one Quote (giving him 9, and putting him in 3rd position). Well, Mu was joined in 4th place, on the 9th, by 2legs who had gained his 8th Quote. Quite whether Mu recoiled in horror at the thought I do not know, but he gained his 9th Quote the following day, made a quick escape from 2legs, and joined Hoo in 3rd place again. 2legs didn't have to stay on his own for long though, as KB gained his 8th Quote on the 13th. They sat contentedly together in 4th place for a week, after which 2legs was on the move again, leaving KB on his own, and running to catch up with Mu and Hoo in 3rd place. The standings at the end of the month are Edward the Bonobo on 11 Quotes, Icy North on 10, and 2legs, Hoovooloo and Mu Beta in joint 3rd place on 9 Quotes apiece.

The monthly chart saw 2legs and Rod top the board with 2 Quotes each. But really, it's a tiny chart this month. Half the size it really should be. We need more Quotes. We are an intelligent, clever and witty community. We are always coming out with funny stuff. Deep stuff too. Eminently Quotable the lot of us. So please, send in any clever line that you find and not only will you be making another Researcher happy, but you will be keeping QotD alive. You know you want to.

Quote of the Month?

Do I need to provide further evidence of my ineligibility to judge quality? Alright then – I liked Automan. I thought it was really cool. Still want a Quote of the Month? Well, they are all safely archived so you can decide for yourself. But if I had to suggest one, it would be Evangeline's musing on the modern age:

I remember when storms didn't have social media pages of their own.

So keep up the good work Researchers, be interesting, be witty, and be Quotable. And if you find something that you think is Quotable, then email it to [email protected], providing the Quote, a link to the post it comes from, and the Quoted researcher's details. QotD needs YOU!

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