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June's a month when people begin to think of outdoor concerts and music festivals. This ties in loosely with this month's challenge, because Create is focusing on music, from Hip Hop to Classical, from Eminem to Elgar. We need to hear about your taste in music, and use it as an inspiration for some writing. Our challenge this month is wide open: our theme is based on the whole world of music.

Ideas, hopefully inspiring ones, follow:

Would You Like to Write for the Approved Guide?

Who was your pop idol when you were a teengager? Do they have an entry in the Guide? If not, this is an opportunity to fill the gap. Or perhaps you could write an entry on your favourite piece of music. Check out the categories for music to see what has already been written on this subject and to make sure your Entry hasn't already been covered.

Do you play an instrument, or have a favourite composer? If these are not already featured in the Guide we'd welcome Entries like this.

Or, Are Your Tastes More Eclectic?

Could you write a personal account of your first trip to a concert, or of the joys of singing in a choir? Maybe you can tell us why you are moved to tears by a particular song, what memories does it bring back? Maybe you have a favourite soundtrack from your childhood - do share your reminiscences with us!

Could you share a piece of fiction or poetry inspired by music? Or even write a song?

Your only limits are your own imagination, so if you feel inspired to compose a new musical work, please send us a link, so we can share it.

Submit your Entry to the Alternative Writing Workshop, or write a Journal, but be sure to let us have a link to your piece in the sign-up thread at the bottom of this Entry.

Yes, It's a Cliché, but...

Have you ever dreamed that you were famous and appearing on Desert Island Discs? Well, please dream aloud for us here in h2g2, and tell us which six records you would take, what life memories they bring to life for you, and the single most important one of them. We'd love to hear your choices. If you write this as an Entry, please submit it to AWW1. Dmitri is keen to welcome these, and will be on the look out for likely material to publish in the Post. Again, sign up below, so we can support you and read your contributions.

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