The House

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A man hides in the shadows.

The room was dark and black, with a coldness that could freeze your very blood as it ran through your veins. Shaking I ran my hand against the wall, fingers searching, feeling for the touch of a plastic switch, but all they found was the cold, damp wall.

'God' I thought 'Surely there must be a switch somewhere here'. I started to question my sanity of ever having come here at all. After all, what was I hoping to find here, or learn for that matter?

A loud BANG! sounded at the rear of the house. I crouched down, making myself as small as possible. This was silly; whoever it was wouldn't be able to see me. It was just too dark, at least that's what I hoped. Still, I cowered, shaking, trying to make myself part of the wall; afraid, too afraid to move.


Footsteps approaching!

They came ever closer, they were now almost upon me! I was frozen to the spot, unable to move. It was too late to move now anyway, the sound would alert It to where I was crouched. I just had to hope that its night vision was as bad as my own. It was so close now I could smell it! Oh God! What if it could smell me? What if it could hear the rapid thumping of my heart as it tried to beat its way out of my chest? It drew ever closer, it must know I was there. Frozen with fear, a silent tear ran a path along my cheek.

It was now right in front of me, it crouched too. I could feel its tepid breath upon my face. I opened my mouth in a silent scream.

Then it spoke...

"Will you stop pratting about and come hold this torch so I can fix the fuse!"

A diagram of a British plug.

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