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Posted: 26th March 2012

Breaking News: Spring Goes Boing!

Mandala artwork.As an editor who deals with a large European and UK reader- and writership1, I am aware of the need to be sensitive to regional differences in our global community. For instance, where Rod and Willem are – New Zealand and South Africa – it must be turning fall. Where most of you are, you're rejoicing in a) the fact that you don't need a coat, scarf, and gloves to take the wheelie bin to the curb, b) the sound of a cuckoo or the sight of a crocus2, or c) being drenched in rain if you live in Manchester.

I, on the other hand, am going to the supermarket in my t-shirtsleeves and complaining about the heat on some days. Life in the subtropics. I am also grateful for that spring rainstorm last night. The thunder was loud, but the drenching downpour cleaned my car and my poor nose of the pollen exuded by overexuberant trees around here. It's love-time in the plant kingdom. Bah.

As I said, I'm a sensitive sort, and will keep my rejoicing modest, merely wishing you all the joy of your particular environmental phenomenon.

That said, please enjoy the Post this week. In addition to the usual entertaining features, we've got the beginning of a new series by Willem on imaginary fauna and flora. Cactuscafe's our guest photographer this week, with a local interest quiz to tickle your fancy. Rod's got another look at his home which will make you envious that you don't live in New Zealand.

So read, already, while I go find myself another antihistamine tablet.

Dmitri Gheorgheni






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1See how insightful I am? I know the difference between Europe and the UK. I am inordinately pleased with myself.2Or flower of your choice, what was it, snowdrop?

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