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Have you been Living la vida local? If you have, you can send pictures in for our quizzes. Check out your geographical knowledge with the ones below.

Post Local Interest Quiz: Answers


What type of bridge is the Forth railway bridge1?

  1. Suspension.
  2. Arch.
  3. Cantilever.
  4. Beam.

Answer: The Forth Bridge in Edinburgh is a cantilever bridge. You can see more of Dr Z's Forth Bridge photos at this location.


When assassins attacked the unpopular chaplain of this church in 1524, what disguise did they use?

  1. They dressed as ninjas.
  2. They dressed as women.
  3. They dressed as ambassadors from the Pope.
  4. They dressed as rabbis.

Answer: They dressed as women, the sneaks. This is a variation of the old 'flee dressed as a woman' dodge, no doubt.

For extra credit: How did the cleric escape the assassins?

Answer: Jakob Selzer, the unfortunate victim, was wounded, but managed to snag a boat across the Main (shown here).

We hope you enjoyed these local interest moments. Remember to send your pictures to the Post!

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